experienced shooters.

We spent two years researching the industry, visiting the best ranges in the country, and talking to the best experts to give you the best shooting range experience. Paired with our own experience at military, law enforcement, and public ranges, we have sourced the best technology and practices available in the firearms industry. We aim to provide you with the most realistic training experience a modern luxury range has to offer!

We are owned and employ current and retired LEO members who are passionate about providing realistic training. Our targetry can be programmed to flip, move, and zoom, to provide you with a quality training experience. If you are interested in developing a customized training plan that will help you sharpen your skills and meet your training goals, check out our list of qualified instructors who are also available for advanced training or 1-1 instruction.

shooting range experience

We highly encourage everyone regardless of skill level to become familiar with our range and layout prior to their shooting range experience. This ensures that you have the smoothest experience during range day as possible. You can virtually tour our facility or schedule a tour on our Visit page.

Everyone using our facility is required to be familiar with our range rules and guidelines and have a completed waiver on file.  Our waiver can be completed the day of your visit or online and must be completed annually regardless of skill level.

1. Your firearm should be cased or holstered prior to entering the building.

2. Cased firearms should be unloaded.

3. Once you arrive at our facility, you will need to check in via our counter to complete your registration process and receive your lane assignment.

Safety Tip:

Do you own a firearm but aren’t sure how it functions, how to grip, align sights, or manage malfunctions? If so, we highly suggest taking a course or scheduling a 1-1 session with an instructor to re-orient you to your firearm.  A refresher course is always a good idea if your busy schedule has kept you away from your training.

Our RSO’s are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Do not hesitate to inquire with questions. Should they need to approach you to address any safety concerns they will put one hand on your shoulder while grabbing your firing arm with the other (if you are holding a firearm). This helps to inform you that they need your attention and secures your firing arm for everyone’s safety, yours included.

Our range features unique technology that is not offered by other ranges in the area. We recommend that before you start your shooting range experience, you take a few moments to orient yourself with our digital screen and retriever system. While the technology was designed to be intuitive, our RSO can answer any questions before you get started.

You can select one of our 200 pre-programed scenarios or create your own. Flashing lights, red/blue lights, varying target range lengths, and rotation can all be programmed into your training scenario.

Safety Tip:

If you experience a malfunction with your firearm, clear your firearm and inform our RSO. Our instructors have free use of our range so if you see someone other than the RSO come over it may be a member of our training team.

    Shooting from the Holster is only authorized once one of our instructors can certify that you can safely draw from your holster. To do so, you must successfully complete our Drawing and Shooting Course 201. If you have successfully completed a similar course or are an active LEO member, you can contact us to schedule a test.

    NOTE: The test is by appointment only and there is a $50 testing fee which is waived for any active LEO members with identification. If you hear cease-fire, you must clear your firearm. “Clearing your Firearm” includes removing the magazine and emptying the chamber or barrel. Then, after locking the slide or bolt back, place it facing down range on the table.

    Wrap up your visit.

    Prior to leaving your lane, be sure to clear your firearm and load it back in its case. While doing so ensure the barrel is pointed downrange the entire time.

    Remove your target, grab your lane tag, and proceed to the staging area outside of our bays. While in the staging area, make sure to take a moment to celebrate your progress.  If you are unsure what to make of your progress, bring your target back to our front desk so our team can help you understand what you are doing well and what could be improved. 

    Thoroughly wash your hands at any of our hand wash stations to ensure you remove any lead particles before you leave the staging area. You can keep your targets or make use of the recycling bin located in the staging area.

    To check out, return the lane tag at the front desk. If you want someone to review your target, our team will call over someone from our training department who can provide a few tips or recommend programs/services we offer that will help you become more proficient.

    repeat the shooting range experience.

    The key to becoming more proficient is consistency.  We encourage you to continue to visit us or another quality range in your area. Training is a perishable skill and even the most trained professionals need to keep up their firearms fitness level.