New Jersey, Utah, & Florida CCW Course


The Comprehensive Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and certifications needed to obtain New Jersey CCW, Utah CCW, and Florida CCW Permits. This all-encompassing course allows you to carry concealed firearms legally in New Jersey, Delaware, and nearly all states in the United States, making it one of the most versatile and valuable concealed carry training programs available.

Course Highlights:

  • Multi-State Certification: By completing this course, you will be eligible to apply for concealed carry permits in New Jersey, Utah, and Florida, giving you the ability to carry concealed in all but 8 states. (Certain state restrictions apply)
  • In-Depth Training: Our experienced instructors will cover essential topics, including firearm safety, state-specific laws and regulations, handgun fundamentals, conflict avoidance, and self-defense strategies.
  • One Intensive Course: This course, unlike our two-day Comprehensive Multi-State Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Course, is conducted in one day at the state-of-the-art Main Line Armory facility. 
  • A La Carte Option: We understand that some participants may only be interested in permits for specific states. Therefore, we offer an a la carte option, allowing you to select and complete the training modules for the specific states you require.




3 Hours

Course Modules:

  • Firearm Safety & Fundamentals
  • State-Specific Laws & Regulations
  • Conflict Avoidance & De-Escalation
  • Self-Defense Strategies
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