Rifle to Pistol Transition


Elevate your shooting skills with our Rifle-to-Pistol Transition Class, a dynamic intermediate-level course designed for those who seek to master the art of smoothly transitioning between rifles and pistols. This course is ideal for individuals who are already comfortable handling both types of firearms and are looking to refine their tactical abilities.

Key Curriculum Highlights:

Seamless Transition Techniques: Learn the essential techniques for efficiently transitioning from rifle to pistol, a critical skill in various shooting scenarios.

Down Range Training: Move beyond the confines of shooting stalls and experience down-range training, providing a more realistic and engaging environment.

Handling and Safety: Emphasize advanced handling and safety protocols for both rifles and pistols in dynamic shooting conditions.

Engagement Drills: Participate in practical drills that simulate real-life situations, enhancing your ability to quickly and effectively switch between firearms under pressure.

Accuracy and Speed: Focus on maintaining accuracy while increasing speed during transitions, balancing rapid response with precision shooting.

Personalized Feedback: Benefit from expert instruction and individualized feedback aimed at improving your specific skills and techniques.

Course Details:

  • Suitable for: Intermediate shooters comfortable with both rifles and pistols.
  • Location: Down range (outside of traditional shooting stalls).
  • Equipment: Participants are encouraged to bring their own rifles and pistols (with respective ammunition) to maximize learning.





5:30pm to 8:00pm