Women's Conceal Carry (Live Fire)

Description: Handgun

Are you ready to start carrying concealed?

Classroom and 1-on-1 range time with female instructors.

This women’s conceal carry class will give you an introduction to carrying a concealed firearm.

We will assist you with clothing choices as well as holster choices and positions. You will learn how to recognize potential threats and avoid confrontation. Plus gain hand on experience drawing safely from a holster, the correct way.

Experience required.  Not for first-timers.  Must already know safe gun handling and fundamentals.

Other Requirements/Restrictions:

  • Closed-toed shoes Required
  • No low-cut shirts
  • Sturdy Belt Required.
  • Baseball hat recommended 
  • Semi-automatic gun or revolver
  • Outside the waistband KYDEX holster made specifically for your firearm**** ( No Exceptions). NO Serpa holsters that require pressing a button with your trigger finger to release)

Because this is an “intro” class, we will not allow inside the waistband holsters

Women’s conceal carry




2 Hours

Equipment Needed:

Firearm/Ammo:  Yes, 50 rounds of ammo Eye/Ear Protection: Yes