When a group of individuals with 20+ years of combined military, law enforcement, and business experience meet with a vision to create a more inclusive and responsibly armed community, the result is Main Line Armory. A Veteran owned business founded in 2020, Main Line Armory arose from the realization that gun ownership and gun training were not moving in parallel. 

Interested in improving the customer experience, our team interviewed new and experienced gun owners in the Malvern, PA area in order to gain insight into what the local market needed most. They then traveled the country, visiting some of the best ranges in the industry and speaking with range owners and experts, to bring the best technology and practices to the city of Malvern. 

A Glimpse into the History at Main Line Armory

Located on the Main Line, only a few minutes from the historic sites of Valley Forge, the Battle of Brandywine, and the Battle of Paoli, Main Line Armory is a Veteran owned business inspired by local history. Elements of the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Revolutionary War are incorporated into our brand and facility in order to honor our Veterans and service members that never made it home.


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Being a Veteran owned business founded by two Iraq War service members, Main Line Armory felt it was important to honor those in combat who paid the ultimate price. In our main waiting area, you will find a Dog Tag Chandelier Veterans War Memorial. This chandelier includes the dog tag of every service member killed in action in both Iraq and Afghanistan. A total of 5,261 KIA dog tags were personally strung and positioned by the full Main Line Armory team.

This project took about 5 months to complete, as each tag was hung with gratitude and a prayer for our service members lost in combat. The last string on the chandelier is reserved for fallen service members from the area.


Our range also includes three 25-yard bays that are named after Revolutionary War Generals who once frequented the Main Line of Philadelphia. The General Wayne and General Lafayette lanes are open to the public, while our General Washington bay is private for VIP members only. 

We are a Destination Luxury Range

With a gun club meets country club concept in mind, Main Line Armory was created to be a destination luxury range modeled after many popular ranges in the south and midwest. Our range includes three 25-yard bays, two large training classrooms for courses and events, 21 state-of-the-art lanes with a premium design, and a 4,000 sq ft retail area with the only “women’s boutique” in the firearms industry! The facility also offers five private VIP lanes for a more exclusive shooting experience, as well as a large cigar lounge that’s perfect for spending time with family, friends, clients, business partners, and more. 

Our mission is to revolutionize the range experience. We believe that indoor ranges shouldn’t be cold or outdated, but rather a safe environment that offers a luxurious and thrilling experience. Our indoor shooting range is the best place to shoot indoors, combining great service, state-of-the-art technology, and a visually stunning design for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Visit Main Line Armory

We’re proud to be a Veteran owned business with the utmost respect and appreciation for our service members, and a range that offers a shooting experience like never before. Our team at Main Line has worked hard to develop a one-of-a-kind facility that offers an exclusive experience to both members and the public. Visit our website to learn more about Main Line Armory the range, memberships, and training. veteran owned business veteran owned business veteran owned business