Practical Concealed Carry


Step into the world of responsible and effective concealed carry with our Concealed Carry Class at Main Line Armory. Designed for both new and experienced carriers, this course focuses on the practical aspects and techniques essential for everyday concealed firearm carrying.

Key Curriculum Highlights: 

  1. Advanced Drawing Techniques: Master the art of drawing your firearm from various concealed carry positions, crucial for different styles of clothing and situations.
  2. Drawing from the Seated Position: Learn the vital skill of safely drawing your firearm while seated, a necessary technique for scenarios in vehicles or seated environments.
  3. Real-World Carry Scenarios: Understand the practicalities and challenges of everyday carry, including holster selection, clothing considerations, and maintaining a balance between concealment and accessibility.
  4. Situational Awareness: Develop heightened situational awareness and threat assessment skills to ensure responsible and safe handling of your concealed firearm.
  5. Practical Live-Fire Drills: Engage in hands-on live-fire exercises to apply and refine your skills in a controlled and safe environment.
  6. Personalized Instruction: Receive tailored coaching and feedback, focusing on your individual needs and carrying preferences.

Our Concealed Carry Class is your gateway to becoming a more skilled, confident, and responsible firearm carrier. Whether you’re starting your journey or seeking to refine your existing skills, this course offers valuable insights and experiences in a professional and supportive setting.




2.5 Hours

practical concealed carry class