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Discover precision and power with Staccato for sale at Main Line Armory.

Explore our extensive collection of Staccato pistols available for sale. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for precision, each firearm embodies the pinnacle of performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a discerning enthusiast, our curated selection caters to every shooting need. Elevate your marksmanship to new heights and explore the unmatched quality and innovation of Staccato pistols. Browse our inventory today and find your perfect match at Main Line Armory.

Staccato C

Coming Summer 2024

Staccato C2

12-1101-000402-01-A X-Serrations / Compensator Threaded DLC Barrel
(1 in stock)

10-1101-000002-01 – X Serrations / SS BBL
(1 in stock)

Staccato CS

14-1501-000102 – DLC Coated Barrel (2024 frame)
(1 in stock)

14-1501-00002 – SS Barrel (2024 frame)

(1 in stock)

Staccato P

12-1201-000103 – Aluminum Frame / DLC Barrel
(1 in stock)

12-1201-000003 – Aluminum Frame / SS Barrel
(3 in stock)

12-1201-000003-01  – Aluminum Frame / SS Barrel / X- Serrations
(2 in stock)

Staccato XL

11-1300-000100 – DLC coated barrel
(1 in stock)

Staccato XC

11-1400-000100 – Steel Frame / DLC Barrel / X-Serrations

(1 in stock)

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