new to shooting?

If you’re new to shooting, getting started could be a very intimidating experience. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and our team is ready to assist you through every step. From how to prepare, what to expect, to the final steps after shooting, we will guide you through your journey. This guide was created for those who are new to the experience as well as anyone who hasn’t been to a range in a while.

safety tip.

Main Line Armory highly encourages classroom training prior to going to the range for live fire practice. We recommend our Four Fundamentals Course, or any introductory course offered by a qualified firearms instructor.

Getting familiar with our facility can reduce some of the anxiety that those who are new to shooting sometimes experience. Yes, it’s normal to feel nervous and anxious but it’s a sign that you are taking this step seriously. You can virtually tour our facility or contact us to schedule a tour.

Being prepared can also help the experience go more smoothly. We recommend reading our range rules before your visit. If you have time, we also encourage you to sign the range waiver which requires you to watch a safety video (this step can also be completed the day of your visit).

You Will Need:

  • A valid Driver’s License
  • Safety Glasses and Ear Protection (also available in store for purchase)
  • A firearm (unloaded). If you currently don’t have a firearm, we offer rentals. Please review our rental policy prior to your visit

How to Dress:
For your safety we do not permit open-toed shoes (dispensed shells are hot). Otherwise, dress comfortably.

new to shooting

A few things to know when you arrive.

Your firearm should be cased and unloaded prior to entering the building. Once you arrive at our facility you will need to check in via our counter. You will be asked to provide your identification and complete our registration process. A member of our team will assign you a lane and help you with anything else you may need to rent or purchase.

Notify our team that you are new or newer to shooting so they can inform our Range Safety Officers (RSO). Informing our RSOs will ensure that someone stays close to you during your range experience, should you need assistance.

Our bays have a large staging area to help you get ready prior to entering our shooting bay. Take a moment to put on your safety equipment (eye and ear protection) before you enter the shooting bay.

The staging area also provides a large bulletproof glass window that gives you an opportunity to observe others and prepare you for your shooting experience. Take a second to mentally prepare yourself and familiarize yourself with the sights and sounds around you.

Our RSOs are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Do not hesitate to inquire with questions. If you informed our team during check-in our RSO will be able to identify you when you enter the shooting bay. They are trained to look for a specific tag that our front desk assigns new or newer shooters to the range.

If you hear cease-fire, you must clear your firearm. “Clearing your Firearm” includes removing the magazine and emptying the chamber or barrel. Then, after locking the slide or bolt back, place it facing down range on the table.

Safety Tip:

If you don’t know how to clear your firearm, please notify our staff before going into the range. Our team will guide you to the appropriate next steps to ensure you are properly able to perform this task.

    If you need to get the attention of our RSO during your range experience, clear your firearm, before approaching the RSO. Never approach anyone with a firearm in your hand.

    Our range features unique technology that is not offered by other ranges in the area. We recommend that before you start your shooting experience, you take a few moments to orient yourself with our digital screen and retriever system. While the technology was designed to be intuitive, our RSO can answer any questions before you get started.

    Wrap up your visit.

    Prior to leaving your lane be sure to clear your firearm and load it back in its case. While doing so ensure the barrel is pointed downrange the entire time.

    Remove your target, grab your lane tag, and proceed to the staging area outside of our bays. While in the staging area make sure to take a moment to celebrate your progress. If you are unsure what to make of your progress, bring your target back to our front desk so our team can help you understand what you are doing well and what could be improved.

    Thoroughly wash your hands at any of our hand wash stations to ensure you remove any lead particles before you leave the staging area. You can keep your targets or make use of the recycling bin located in the staging area.

    To check out, return the lane tag at the front desk. If you want someone to review your target, our team will call over someone from our training department who can provide a few tips or recommend programs/services we offer that will help you become more proficient.

    repeat the experience.

    The key to becoming more comfortable and proficient is consistency. We encourage you to continue to visit us or another quality range in your area. Training is a perishable skill and even the most trained professionals need to keep up their firearms fitness level.