102: Basic Pistol i


Are you new to firearms or looking to reintroduce yourself to firearm usage after a long break? Our beginner-friendly course, “Basic Pistol I,” is specifically tailored to help you get started and build a solid foundation in pistol shooting.

“Basic Pistol I” is a beginner-friendly course designed for individuals new to handguns or those looking to reintroduce themselves to firearm usage after a long break. Our comprehensive class focuses on building a solid foundation of shooting, regardless of your experience level. Emphasizing safety as paramount, our experienced instructors will guide you through the four fundamental firearms safety rules and provide practical instruction on firearm functionality and troubleshooting techniques. You will learn essential shooting skills such as grip, sight alignment, and target acquisition, equipping you for self-defense and target practice. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and proficiency, allowing you to embrace the excitement of being part of the shooting sports community. Don’t let inexperience or a break hold you back; enroll in “Basic Pistol I” and embark on your handgun journey with our expert support.

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2.5 Hours

Equipment Needed:

Firearm/Ammo: Yes, 50 Rounds
Eye/Ear Protection: Required