202: Defensive shooting ii


Upon completion of “Defensive Shooting I“, step back into the realm of defensive shooting and prepare yourself to effectively respond to threats in our highly specialized course: “Defensive Shooting II.” Designed to take your pistol skills to the next level, this comprehensive training focuses on the critical aspects of defensive shooting and equips you with the necessary skills to navigate real-world scenarios.

Building upon the foundation of our Intermediate Pistol course, you will delve deep into responding to threats, assessing situations, and engaging with confidence and accuracy. Through realistic scenarios and practical application, our expert instructors will guide you through challenging drills that replicate high-pressure situations, preparing you to respond effectively to real-world encounters. Join us for “Defensive Shooting II” and become a skilled and confident defender in any situation.


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3 Hours

Equipment Needed:

Firearm: Required
Ammo: 200 – 300 rounds of ammo
Eye/Ear Protection: Required