Concealed Carry Class

Level 1


I attended a CC1 class at Main Line Armory taught by Dan from Absolute Dynamics and was impressed. There was a wide range of experience and expectations between the students and Dan did a great job identifying and delivering on that. Dan was also focused on safety and communicated clearly and professionally with everyone. The guys with Main Line were also great and professional. I am looking forward to CC2.

- Joseph G

Great course

Took a concealed carry level 1 class with Dan teaching. It was a great course. Very safe atmosphere with clear instruction. Dan was very patient with me and provided great guidance on bettering my shot. The store/range itself was very nice – very inviting and comfortable – not something I thought I would ever say about a range or gun store! All the staff was friendly. I look forward to returning and will recommend it to anyone.

- Sarah K


Concealed Carry Level 1 at Main Line Armory will be taught mostly down range. Students can expect detailed instruction and real-life insight. 

Topics Covered:

Weapon Safety & Manipulation

Holster Considerations

Pros and Cons of Carry Position

Concealed Drawing & Holstering

Clearing Garments

Forming Proper Grip from Concealment

Proper Presentation

Speed vs Accuracy


Students will walk away knowing how to carry, draw and holster safely in addition to the topics mentioned.



This concealed carry class is taught by Dan Barnett of Absolute Dynamics. His company trains police, SWAT teams, and law-abiding civilians. Dan’s background includes 18 years of law enforcement with 10 years of instructing. Particularly relevant to this class, Dan also spent time working undercover. During that time period, as well as today, he carries and trains exclusively from concealed positions. 





3 Hours



– A Firearm

– KYDEX IWB Holster

– 150 to 200 rounds