Legal Seminar


We are delighted to welcome Defense Attorney Craig Penglase ESQ to our Main Line Armory Training Academy for an in-depth legal seminar tailored specifically for Pennsylvania gun owners in the area. This event will equip both seasoned gun owners and first-time gun owners with essential legal knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity to navigate the complex legal landscape as a gun owner in Pennsylvania. Whether you have burning questions or simply wish to stay informed, our seminar has something for everyone. Gain insights into a wide variety of legal topics affecting gun owners in the area, and participate in a personalized Q&A session with the experienced multi-county criminal litigator, Craig Penglase ESQ.

Apart from gaining valuable legal insights, this event also provides an excellent chance to connect with like-minded individuals within the gun owner community. Main Line Armory members can attend for free, while non-members can join for just $20. Be prepared for an engaging and informative evening that will leave you well-prepared to exercise your rights responsibly and confidently as a Pennsylvania gun owner.

Mr. Penglase is an experienced multi-county criminal litigator, practicing in several counties, including Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Philadelphia, Northampton, Lehigh, Blair, Berks, and Lackawanna. With his extensive knowledge in firearms and self-defense law, he is well-equipped to provide valuable insights into the legal aspects that every responsible gun owner should be aware of.

Seminar Highlights:

  • In-depth lecture by Defense Attorney Craig Penglase ESQ
  • Wide variety of legal topics affecting Pennsylvania gun owners
  • Q&A session for personalized inquiries
  • About Defense Attorney Craig Penglase ESQ




2 Hours