Finding The Best First Firearm for You.


Are you a prospective new gun owner? Unsure about which firearm is the best fit for you? Let us guide you on your journey towards responsible gun ownership. Main Line Armory is proud to offer this free class, “Finding Your First Firearm,” designed for beginners but also beneficial for anyone seeking information before their next purchase.

“Finding Your First Firearm” is a FREE interactive class designed to help prospective gun owners choose the best first firearm for them. In this 45-minute session, beginners and those seeking information before their next purchase will learn about different firearm types and factors to consider when selecting one. The importance of training and available resources will also be discussed to promote responsible gun ownership. No prior experience is required, and participants can ask questions and receive guidance from experienced instructors. Join us to feel confident and well-informed when making your first firearm purchase.

best first firearm




45 minutes

Equipment Needed:

Firearm/Ammo: None
Eye/Ear Protection: None