meet our instructors.

A recognized name in the firearms training community, Andy is a competitive shooter who consistently places in multiple State and National IDPA, Multi-Gun and USPSA competitions. Andy has served the Commonwealth for 15 years. His law enforcement career has taken him across the state to train new and experienced shooters. Instructor certified through the State and USCCA, he is a master pistol and rifle instructor and is extremely approachable.

Felix brings over two decades of law enforcement experience and military experience. Since retiring from the Army and PSP, Felix has been instructing people in self defense and is an experienced BJJ instructor. He brings a background of firearms training on several weapon platforms. Felix’s expertise ranges from new shooters to people who want to incorporate hands on self defense training into their tool kits.

Jeff has served his local community for 25 years. He has a distinguished Law Enforcement career and is a SWAT Trainer and Tactical Commander.  He brings 12 years of teaching experience to our firearms training program.  He has trained new recruits and veterans for multiple law enforcement departments in the area. He is a USCCA certified instructor and in addition to his teaching experience, brings experience designing training programs used by law enforcement departments.

Brian Cain is a firearms instructor for a major metropolitan police department. Throughout his 28-year career he has trained hundreds of individuals with varying degrees of firearms experience. Prior to becoming a firearms instructor for his department he held many coveted and sought-after specialty positions. In addition to being a USCCA certified instructor, Brian is a well-respected pro arm wrestler.

Chris brings over a decade of law enforcement experience and currently serves on his department’s SWAT team. He brings a background of mixed martial arts and firearms training to our department. An avid fitness enthusiast and USCCA certified instructor. He has a record of service to our local community and is passionate about helping others in the industry.

As a mother of 4, Christina recognizes how important it is to be able to defend herself and her children. Christina has been shooting for over 8 years and she has been instructing for 3 years. Christina is passionate about helping others build confidence in firearm safety and gun handling. She is patient and welcoming to all, particularly new shooters who are starting out.