Pillars of Performance Pistol

Level 1


The good news is if you want to be proficient with your pistol, there are really only 3 things you need to focus on. 

Your Grip, Sight Alignment, and Trigger Press.


The bad news is, you could spend a lifetime in pursuit of mastering each one of these.


While you may not “master” each one of these during the class, you are going to leave this class with a much deeper understanding of what, why, and how for each of these 3 pillars of performance. 


You will walk away far more confident than when you entered and it will show on your target during your next range visit.

This class is taught by Dan Barnett of Absolute Dynamics. His company trains police, SWAT teams, and law-abiding civilians. Dan’s background includes 18 years of law enforcement with 10 years of instructing. You’ll see why Dan is considered an expert-level shooter and instructor.

Topics Covered:

This is hands down the most important aspect of shooting. Most people don’t understand what a proper grip is, how you form it, and what it can do for you. Ever have one of those Ah Ha moments? This will be one of them 

Sight Alignment
Even though grip is arguably the most important of the three, the reality is, if you can’t align your sights properly, you will never hit your intended target. This class will teach you more than “equal height, equal light” 

Trigger Press
One could say the trigger press is as simple as, pressing it straight to the rear without disrupting the sights. While true, I assure you there is more. Come see for yourself and be ready for a few more WOW type of moments.





3 Hours


– A Firearm

– KYDEX Holster

– 300 rounds