101: Responsible Gun Ownership

Description: Gun Intro Course

Whether you are new to gun ownership or an experienced enthusiast, understanding the laws and regulations surrounding firearms is essential. In Main Line Armory’s responsible gun ownership class, we provide comprehensive education on this topic, ensuring that you are well-informed and equipped to exercise your rights responsibly.

This course introduces you to constitutional carry and your right to gun ownership, including the ability to be armed in public. We delve into the legal use of force in everyday life, teaching you how to navigate potential situations while staying within the boundaries of the law. In addition, we cover what to do in the case of a violent encounter and provide guidance on handling the aftermath. Understanding the appropriate steps to take ensures that you can protect yourself legally and deal with any consequences responsibly. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gun owner, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be a responsible and law-abiding citizen.

Classroom-only, no live fire. No firearms or ammo are required for this class.




2.5 Hours

Equipment Needed:

Firearm/Ammo: None
Eye/Ear Protection: None

responsible gun ownership

Warm, supportive, understanding.

I was scared at the start of the class. Scared of guns. Scared to handle the gum. After the class, I felt informed and appropriately respectful, instead of scared. Erin is an excellent teacher. Clear, concise, effective communicator. Warm, supportive, understanding. A good intro to gun safety and safe handling. Feel better to have received this education and appreciate all of the responsible gun owners out there who take the time to learn from a pro.

- Heidi H.

Great course

Took a concealed carry level 1 class with Dan teaching. It was a great course. Very safe atmosphere with clear instruction. Dan was very patient with me and provided great guidance on bettering my shot. The store/range itself was very nice – very inviting and comfortable – not something I thought I would ever say about a range or gun store! All the staff was friendly. I look forward to returning and will recommend it to anyone.

- Sarah K

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